Public transportation creates opportunities for employment, education, recreation, shopping, social activities, community involvement, and cultural activities for a region’s population. For many, public transit is an amenity used on occasion; however, for those with limited transportation means, public transportation may be a necessity. Public transit contributes to the economic health of a region and is a fundamental element of an enhanced quality of life. It is also a means to reduce traffic congestion and improve a region’s air quality. For more information on the benefits of public transportation, visit the American Public Transportation Association website. Explore the public transportation options in the Killeen-Temple region below.

Hill Country Transit District (HCTD) operates The HOP which is the only regional public transit system in the KTMPO region. HCTD provides service to a nine-county area as follows: Bell, Coryell, Hamilton, Lampasas, Llano, Mason, Milam, Mills, and San Saba. The HOP provides urban, paratransit and rural service. Rural service is provided to all nine counties and includes door to door demand response public transportation. Urban service includes fixed route and complementary paratransit service. HCTD operates a fleet of 167 buses, including 27 fixed route buses and 140 paratransit buses.

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The HOP January 2017 Policy Board Presentation

2022-2026 Regional Coordination Transportation Plan


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For service timetables and fare information visit Use Google Maps to plan your route on the bus!!

AMTRAK provides passenger train service from the historic Temple train depot. Daily AMTRAK Texas Eagle service is provided from San Antonio to Fort Worth. From Fort Worth passengers can choose to travel to Oklahoma City or Chicago.

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To learn about the Texas-Oklahoma Passenger Rail Study, click here.


The Killeen-Fort Hood Regional Airport (GRK) has commercial airline operations through 3 carriers: American, Delta and United. Multiple daily flights are available via regional jets and turbo prop service to Dallas-Fort Worth, Atlanta and Houston. In 2012, there were 43,000 aircraft operations.

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Draughon-Miller Central Texas Regional Airport is a city owned, public use airport located in Temple, Texas. For more information visit

Passenger service is readily available with two companies—Arrow Trailways and Greyhound Lines. There are two bus depots in the KTMPO area, with one located in Killeen and one in Temple. AMTRAK has partnered with the local motor coach services coordinating daily service from Killeen to the Temple AMTRAK depot. Hill Country Transit District, or the Hop, offers bus connecting transportation service throughout the Killeen-Temple region.