The 2023 KTMPO Call for Projects closed on October 27, 2023. Please contact James McGill ( for more information.

The revised Call for Projects Application Form and Project Scoring Guidelines can be accessed using the following links:

FY2023_KTMPO Project Application Form

FY2023 KTMPO Project Scoring Guidelines Final

Exhibit D – TxDOT Assurance Form

For latest available funding numbers please use the following link: 2024 UTP

2023 Project Call Schedule

September 1, 2023             Call for Projects opens.

September 29, 2023           Submission deadline for questions pertaining to the Call for Projects.

October 27, 2023                 Call for Projects closes.

November 3, 2023               Start of objective scoring (consultant) and subjective scoring (TAC & BPAC).

December 6, 2023                TAC Q&A Workshop for Subjective Scoring following regular meeting.

December 13, 2023              BPAC Q&A Workshop for Livability Subjective Scoring.

December 15, 2023              All objective and subjective scores due to KTMPO staff.

January 5, 2024                     Final objective/subjective project scores and rankings sent to Policy Board/TAC/BPAC.

January 10 & 24, 2024         Presentation and workshop regarding project scores; Review FY25-26 TIP development timeline

February 7 & 21, 2024         Continued discussion of project scores & prioritization; Staff prepares funding scenarios; Review draft FY25-28 TIP.

March 6 & 20, 2024             Presentation of funding scenarios, final MTP project listing & draft FY25-28 TIP.

March – April 2024               Public involvement for FY25-28 TIP and new MTP Project Listing

May 1 & 15, 2024                 TAC & PB approve FY25-28 TIP and 2050 MTP Project Listing.