Q1: When is the 2020 KTMPO Call for Projects (CFP) open?

The 2020 KTMPO CFP will be open from October 1 through November 13. All projects must be submitted to KTMPO by 12:00 P.M. on Friday, November 13. Any projects submitted after the deadline will not be included in the rescoring process. KTMPO encourages early submission of projects so staff can process applications in a timely manner for consultant scoring.

Q2: Will existing projects in the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) carry over or will they need to be resubmitted?

All projects currently existing in the MTP outside of the FY21-24 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) will need to be resubmitted in order to be included in the MTP following this Project Call. Any project that is not resubmitted within the Project Call period will be removed from the MTP.

Projects that were previously submitted may use the same information from their original submittal packet but will need to resubmit with a fresh packet. KTMPO staff does recommend that all project narratives be revised to reflect the updated project scoring packet, so that your project can potentially score higher.

Q3: What is the match that local entities are required to provide for Categories 2, 7, and 9?

The current match rates for Categories 2, 7, and 9 are as listed:

  • Category 2 – 80% federal / 20% state
  • Category 7 – 80% federal / 20% local
  • Category 9 – 80% federal / 20% local

Q4: What can funds be used for (e.g. construction costs, design, ROW)?

KTMPO funds can only be used for construction costs of the project. The local entity is responsible for all costs incurred from feasibility or environmental studies, project design, right-of-way (ROW) acquisition and other non-construction costs.

Q5: If only construction costs are eligible for funding, when we provide the “estimated total cost” for the project, are we just providing what is needed for construction?

Yes, the estimated total cost for the project is the just the construction dollar amount.

Q6: When will the next Project Call occur? Will the new call be an update to add in new projects or a full rescoring similar to this update?

To prepare for the 2050 MTP (due May 2024), KTMPO will need to conduct a CFP in the summer of 2023 which KTMPO anticipates would be a rescoring of all projects. If there is time between now and then to do another CFP, KTMPO will not require rescoring of all projects then and would only add in new projects.

Q7: Is it okay to submit project to the unscored/unfunded section of the MTP?

Yes, projects may be submitted at any time to be added to the unscored/unfunded section of the MTP.

Q8: Are there any updates to the estimated short range and long range funding situation for the KTMPO region?

The 2045 MTP contains the most recent financial constraint numbers for short and long range funding at this time. TxDOT’s 2021 UTP will also guide the selection of short range projects for the short range planning horizon.

According to the 2021 UTP, the estimated short range funding for KTMPO over the next 10 years (through FY2030) is $254,490,702 in Category 2, 7, and 9 dollars. The MTP estimates approximately $49 million in short range funding and $405 million in long range funding.

Q9: What is Exhibit D and where do we find it in the nomination packet?

Exhibit D is titled “TxDOT Assurance Form”. The purpose of the document is for entities submitting projects to indicate their “assurance” that they will sign any documents needed by TxDOT to complete the project. The form can be found and downloaded from the Call for Projects tab on the KTMPO website.

Q10: I want to address a specific criterion, but I do not see it explicitly listed in the nomination packet, where can I address that criterion?

Exhibit B of the nomination packet is provided to address the criteria listed at the bottom of page 1. The Exhibit is structured as a generic block that may be used to explain how the project supports each criterion. After addressing the criterion listed at the bottom of page 1 in Exhibit B, you may use the rest of the block and the following pages to address any additional criterion not specifically listed.