• Central Texas on the Move – Fall 2017

    Central Texas on the Move – Fall 2017

    We’ve just published the Fall 2017 edition of the KTMPO newsletter “Central Texas on the Move”. This edition features the City of Nolanville and the work they are doing to make the city safer, more accessible, and more attractive as the region grows. Other topics include the new texting-while-driving law, regional air quality, and new

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  • New segment of the Pepper Creek Trail in Temple is now open

    There is a new trail open, and the weather is just about right to get out and explore! The Pepper Creek Trail in Temple has been a popular destination for runners, walkers, cyclists, and families for several years. Brian Chandler, Director of Planning for the City of Temple, had this to say about the new

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  • Mapping tool for Bike and Pedestrians announced

    Do you ride a bike to get to work? Walk to school? Are you looking for a new place to go jogging? Do you want to highlight missing features or suggest new projects? We have just the tool for you! Our new BikePed Web Map is now available online here. Look up an address in the

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