Administrative TIP Amendments

The below Administrative TIP Amendments were presented before the Transportation Planning Policy Board. C40-05 was announced at the April 17, 2019 TPPB meeting, and the HCTD and Performance Measures amendments were announced at the July 17, 2019 meeting. These amendments can be viewed in more detail by looking at the “plans” page.

C40-05 MTP and TIP Amendment: KTMPO project C40-05, Copperas Cove’s FM116/3046 Sidewalk and Bike Lane Project, was selected for funding in 2017. The estimated project cost is $975,000. During the public involvement period of March 23-April 6, 2019 to update the project description, the project fiscal year was listed as 2019 rather than 2020. An administrative MTP and TIP amendment is needed and sufficient to accommodate the updated fiscal year of 2020.

FY2019-2022 TIP_ Amendment #4 05.15.2019

Performance Measures Amendment: Supplemental language regarding Pavement/Bridge Condition (PM2) and System Performance (PM3) was added to the introductory chapter of the FY19-22 TIP. This language provides specifics about the State’s targets adopted by KTMPO in 2018, as well as KTMPO efforts to continuously meet the performance targets (pgs. 7-9).

 Hill Country Transit District Amendment: The Federally and State Funded Highway Projects section of the FY19-22 TIP (pgs. 13-31) lists all roadway, livability and bus replacement projects. Bus replacement projects in this listing are those projects that received 10% of Category 7 KTMPO dollars as approved by Policy Board. The Federally Funded Transit Projects section of the TIP (pgs. 32-47) lists all federal funds (5307, 5310, 5339) expected to be received Hill Country Transit District for planning and operations. The current TIP incorrectly lists a bus replacement project under the Federally Funded Transit Projects section on page 44 that is already included in the Federally and State Funded Highway Projects section on page 18. An administrative amendment will be made to remove this project from page 44 of the FY19-22 TIP. HCTD project Q40-46 will be administratively amended to separate ADA Operating Expense that is allowable as a Capital Expense. As a separate project, it requires an 80/20 match instead of a 50/50 match. An administrative amendment to the Capital Preventative Maintenance project will be made as this project is part of the same Section 5307 funding as the above projects and the “amendment” figures are more accurate than the “current” figures.

FY2019-2022 TIP_ July Admin Amendment 07.17.2019


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